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Insurance Coverage and Contract Law

Even sophisticated purchasers of insurance coverage are not always fully aware of how their policies respond to a given loss. Commercial insurance packages can be comprised of hundreds of pages involving multiple lines of coverage, including general liability, property, auto, workers’ compensation, employer’s liability, crime protection, cyber liability, director & officer liability, professional liability, etc. Each of these policies spell out the losses they will cover, but also spell out what they will not cover. Even then, endorsements to the policy may be issued from its inception or at a later point in the policy period – further complicating what may or may not be a “covered loss”. When the effect of state statutes and case law are added to the mix, questions of insurance coverage can be among the most complex that a business or individual consumer will face.

Our firm is fortunate to have partner Emily Neal who can help with these questions. Ms. Neal has evaluated numerous coverage matters involving multiple lines of coverage throughout her career at the firm and understands how the complex world of insurance works, and can help you to understand how well your business is protected or to find your way while navigating a complex loss.